Greer Ranch Records is proud to announce its first ever release:

1. big six consultant lyrics mp3
2. underwear lyrics mp3
3. cowboy drinking song lyrics mp3
4. happy machine ankle lyrics mp3
5. there was a time lyrics mp3
6. he said lyrics mp3
7. austin cowboy lyrics mp3
8. wind lie down lyrics mp3
9. blake lyrics mp3
10. all packed up lyrics mp3
11. i thank God lyrics mp3
12. so i won't lyrics mp3
13. young bucks like to fight lyrics mp3
14. who let your memory in this bar? lyrics mp3

(p) 2004 Jeffrey Wade Greer. All songs copyright (c) 2004 Jeffrey Wade Greer except "Who Let Your Memory In This Bar?" copyright (c) 2004 Jeffrey Wade Greer and Richard Edward Zigler.

Lyrics and mp3s are provided to "spread the news," and so folks can try before they buy. If you enjoy the music, you can help us continue making more by buying the CD. It's currently available from, CD Baby, and My Texas Music. (See the links below. Pretty much everybody is familiar with Amazon; CD Baby is a cool indie online music store that's worth checking out on its own merits. MTM specializes in Texas music, which, well, makes it cool.) You can also buy individual tracks at Jeff's iTunes page. Thanks for checking out Greer Ranch Records!

Jeff Greer: Big Six Consultant
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